About CCM

CCM is a private limited company in which the strengths of three experienced firms in offshore wind engineering and composite and metal fabrication are united. CCM was established to provide the offshore wind industry with a single focal point in which design, engineering and fabrication of monopiles covers are unified.

The three driving forces behind CCM are:

Offshore wind engineering expert transforming conceptual designs into ready to use offshore solutions with specialisation in offshore structures.

Knowledge-intensive engineering firm specialised in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with broad experience in the offshore sector.

Manufacturer of metal and polyester constructions with own engineering department and three different business units: Theuws Metal, Theuws Polyester and Theuws Assembly.

Enersea, Femto en Theuws worked together on the first prototype of the composite monopile cover for Vattenfall’s wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ). Following the successful design and construction of this prototype, Vattenfall decided to grant the production order for the complete 140 monopile covers to the parties involved.

As CCM was still under construction as a firm, the official contractor of the 140 monopile covers is Theuws with CCM as subcontractor. In the future the roles will be reverse and CCM will act as main contractor with Theuws as manufacturing subcontractor and both Enersea and Femto as subcontractors for design, engineering and calculations.

CCM will be able to offer any shape of construction for monopile covers and in every material required, f.e. composites, aluminium, combinations with steel and PVC tents with frames. Based upon our customers wishes, we can design and deliver the ideal configuration of temporary monopile cover for each specific project.